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PC Components and what are their functions

If you would like to build a desktop PC, you will have to assemble all the relevant components in the proper and correct way. If you are a beginner, the whole process will look complicated. If you approach a computer shop for PC Building, they will probably dump a whole bunch of components onto you, which your PC might not require. Hence, it is vital for you to understand the core function of each component before venturing to assemble a PC. In this article, we will provide a list of all the important components required for PC Building.


The processor will perform all the required work such as word processing, calculations, video rendering and much more. Higher the clock speed and threads speed up work. Hence, if you want to perform video editing, you need to buy a processor with many threads.

CPU Cooler

When you purchase a processor, the product package will ship with a small cooler. The main functionality of the cooler is to decrease the amount of heat generated by the pro…
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Building your own PC has become an enjoyable and cheap activity for those born in the digital age. Some would argue that the PC market is dying and they wouldn’t be wrong from a purely numbers perspective. The overall market has been on a steady decline thanks to the fact that mobile phones have begun to replace some of the tasks traditionally performed by a PC. However, there still exists and will continue to exist a strong market as the sheer performance provided by PCs is way ahead of anything that phones of the same generation can provide.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a shift in the PC community as more people who only needed the PC for casual needs moved away from building systems and got themselves pre-made systems or laptops or any of the million variants therein. Hence, enthusiasts who want more have now dominate the PC building scene. More customizability, more power, more performance, more control, more flexibility … more everything! However, it is not alwa…